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During winter, I mostly complain. It tends to astound me that I'm so sad all the time even though it's been pretty consistent since moving to the Midwest. Until I was 13, I'd never suffered through a winter. Growing up in California, it was all sun, all the time. So this achy, tree branches arcing like fingers, winter thang breaks my heart (to put it lightly). But, my friend Heather said something brilliant today that I need to keep in perspective: "Winter shows you people's true colors."

Unlike summer, where there's less restriction on how and when we choose to do things, winter provides a barometer for friendship, for your interpersonal relations, for coping. Personally, I become much more reliant on my friends during winter. I talk on the phone a lot--like 8 hours a week at least. I also try to get out and see as much music as possible. Weird stuff, free shows, all ages shows, The Chatterbox, and anything that will raise my spirits. Of course, I love music but it's more about being around people that are vibing. I want to feel their energy move out of them and into the world. I want to steal a little for myself.

Right now, my true colors spent the last of my money until Thursday on really rich food from Trader Joes. Right now, my true colors crave warmth, exercise, communication, and rich food. So that's what I'm trying to do. Even if that means I can't buy anything for two days. Some people just mope and as much as I've been that and will continue on through my winter struggle, I urge you to shake things up. You don't have to do it everyday but a bit here and there, a little at a time can have a profound affect.


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