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Are you a visual artist, writer, or other aspiring artist/entrepreneur? This page is for you.

So many creative types really struggle with finding their niche in the corporate machine, with seeking out clients, and professionalizing themselves and their services to meet modern expectations. I hear it all the time, that your brain “just doesn’t work like that.” The unfortunate reality is that in order to continue leading your creative life and utilizing your preferred trade to make money, you have to understand how you as an artist can fit into the corporate schematic. That doesn’t mean selling out, becoming a soulless hack, or instafamous clickbait. What it does mean is knowing what tools are out there to help you succeed, creating a “brand” as yucky as that word can be, collaborating, and proliferating.

Over the course of the last 8 years, I have been engaged in both a local and national creative scene. I have helped myself and many others learn how to succeed as creative spirits in this capitalist society and I’d like to help you.

 In order to keep my services affordable and conducive, I’m only currently offering one option. A four week session where we meet digitally or in-person for 1 hour once weekly to build your strategy for success together. This package also includes follow-up as you implement your plan for trouble shooting issues that may arise. The value of these services is 600 dollars but they’re yours for just 75.00 per session, which totals 300.00. Spreading meetings out over time helps me balance my schedule better which rolls forward into savings for you.

Each strategy will be personalized to your business or creative goals and will include introductions/overviews of online resources to help meet your needs, as well as a budget, a marketing plan, and availability for follow-up for any trouble shooting you may encounter.

Things I can help you do: Publish creative work including poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, improve creative content, connect goals with branding and marketing, design a content marketing strategy for creative projects, apply for grants or residencies, write a business plan, develop content for a website, develop content for seeking sponsorship, create an event series, and much more.

Check out my CV here for more details on my credentials.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you, fill out the form below.

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Elysia is innovative and practical in her advising. She is in tune with several aspects of business creation and helped me form my book club into the success it is today. 

- Gizelle Fletcher of For Colored Girls Book Club

Elysia gave me the guidance I needed to start my business. That guidance included practical steps like helping me choose website design templates or tips for improving my social media presence. She was also helpful in intangible ways- giving boosts of confidence with phone calls and pep talks.

- Margarette Webb of Hermitic Healing

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