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Here are the next twenty songs/poetry excerpts.

11. Cameron in the Driveway: Houdini Crash by Buke & Gase

I knew the only way to love Cameron was as Buffy on Halloween. A blonde wig to become a blonde. People yelled at me riding my bike, understanding that blondes do have more of something.

12. Summoning Spell: Shave em Dry by Lucille Bogan

For this spell: Get kicked out of a bar, get fucked, buy some Hostess Donettes, and drink a shower beer.

13. Red All Over: Go Far by Emmy the Great

That’s it, she says jump and you please her, and it pleases her and you: the chase. Carmen knows all we want is motion anyway.

14. Ringling Girl: Angel From Montgomery ft Bonnie Raitt

The lady rides bareback, performs the first feet-to-feet

forward somersault ever attempted

by a woman and succeeds.

She dismounts to shocked silence.

15. After the Party: Vanessa by Grimes

The only thing that works is to go to breakfast alone and determined to answer the consequences of my actions— but they are three old men: regulars here, playing cards in convex light, putting cigarettes out in the butter.

16. For Calamity: Buttons and Bows ft Ella Fitzgerald

I spent time gutter-stumbling, stammering, stuttering rye on my tongue, no longer pretty, my face caving in deeper than a well’s dug, my eyes two sparrows drowned in the bucket.

17. Endora: Juicy ft Emily Wells

you hide yourself, treacherous to your understanding of what happiness should be: a man, a woman, and a lead paint fence. Wrinkle your nose at me. I dare you.

18. Corpse Bride: The Wedding March ft Queen

[mothers] [fathers] hand-holding under an archway of kitchen cutlery. Bells ringing make them hallowed. Bells ringing softly, unheeded.

19. Monologue: Shangri-La by YACHT

I’m twenty-three and feeling this fucked up cluster of stars in my abdomen bright as when something hits me. I’m not pregnant but sometimes I wish I were

20. Motherphysics: Black Sail by Chastity Belt

my mother went invisible, like actually a ghost and I could barely feel her without a good cross breeze. It must matter then, for matter to have multiple states, Mother

21. Tell Me About Your Dream House: Terrible Angels by CocoRosie

She says a houseboat, watches the olive drown in her drink, touches his hand for the fourth time before even the appetizer.

22. Dear Mom I Drew You a Picture of Yourself: Met Him on a Sunday ft Laura Nyro

She makes the bread as if to say “Dear God,” and lays prostrate her future upon the Formica. She washes the dishes, wipes the brow we share, tired of gloves, roasts, the asparagus taking root in the yard.

23. To Whom it May Concern: I Admit, I Am Scared by Eskimaux

I’m fucking wasteful. I burn candles on hot summer days because I want as much as possible. I want you to know I’m fancy-free and frivolous.

24. Stirrup Pants: Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar

Your feet were two slingshots moving you twice the speed of an average woman because you were anything but average.

25. Dramamine: Don't Move by Phantogram

There are probably a billion definitions of motion. I should know because some of my best stories end: and then I threw up.

26. Starlet: Put The Blame on Mame by Rita Hayworth, from the movie Gilda

I’m a woman with a man inside watching me through the keyhole of my own eyes. I’m my own voyeur, though I’m strong.

27. Contagion: Hot Knife by Fiona Apple

this little piggy goes up high to the thigh and higher still and it’s not her hand and she’s just saying.

28. Actually an Art: The Turnaround Road by Diane Cluck

First you take a thing that happens to you and you don’t believe it. You think perhaps it’s happened to someone else, like a friend, or a stranger in a bad hat.

29. The Tulpa: Girl with One Eye by Florence and the Machine

wasn’t only my shadow but an idea carved out smiling all its teeth, staring from the edges of my eyes and the corners of things.

30. Miss: Sweet Dreams by Angel Olsen

Yes. Please, Miss. See, I don’t even know your name. Miss, could you tell us how you felt during the incident, as he was running right at you. Were you scared? Did you think— what in the world?

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