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The weekend brought record-breaking crowds. Both literal and figurative. Trump’s inaugural crowd broke low-end records, his lying broke high-end records. The women’s marches around the country and the world set highs. It’s a charismatic time to be alive. As I watched the gnarly car crash of our new president’s inauguration, I also watched the stirring of this women’s march movement. The twittershpere is where it’s at though for encountering all the should be said in private or soapbox chatter and I was beguiled to learn of the various complications regarding the politics of the marches. At first, seeing all the pink hats and the swelling crowds and the cutting signs, I felt emotional, in awe. But, I reserved judgment after reading alternative facts as trump would call them.

Alternative fact #1

NOT EVERYONE HAS A PINK VAG. I don’t even have a pink vag. Granted, I like pink but couldn’t these hats have gone more rude girl real? If women had actually made hats with their vaginal representation wouldn’t that have been louder and grosser? My sweet, quiet step dad told me yesterday that he’d never heard the word pussy so much in one weekend which on the one hand, I was relieved bc that means he isn’t getting freaky with my mom. But on the other, how neat? because these marches are forcing men to see and hear pussy even when they don’t want to which brings me to my second point.

Alternative fact #2

NOT EVERY WOMAN HAS A VAG. If these marches don’t do a better job being inclusive of the trans and queer community, they will fall apart. I was reminded of a lecture I heard by Lisa Kron about the WOW café in NYC. Where’s the WOW now? Well, it’s busy questioning, pretending the present is the future and there is still a dialogue to be had about whether to include trans bodies in the safe space of the WOW café. Kron and another speaker, can’t remember her name (probably best because I REALLY didn’t like her) were very hesitant when addressing this question of trans inclusion BUT GUESS WHO THE THIRD SPEAKER WAS? Their dear friend from back in the day at WOW, and trans identified poet and activist, EILEEN FRICKING MYLES. It was really so so messed up. That’s how I feel about the lack of inclusion in these marches- so so messed up.

Alternative fact #3

SPEAKING OF INCLUSION. Thank you all WoC who marched on behalf of all women’s rights when so many of these silly women never marched or raised a finger for BLM. Seriously, if you’re about to question this final point, leave. You don’t have to march necessarily but donate money, write, spread awareness, retweet, do any any any small thing you can, white women, to lift up black women and organizers in the face of Donny Trump. There’s something so much more terrifying about a pyramid than a bunch of roly polys on the ground. Show that you’re woke, prioritized, and ready to attack the reality that the smallest/most neglected minorities should be lifted first and the highest. This means our first priority should be along the lines of addressing the murders of trans WoC and sex workers! White women, take a moment to process this. I swear, no one’s going to take away your starbucks card if you agree with me.

Great article here where I stole a pic. 

Ok so great, a bunch of nice ladies ran amuck and flashed their pussies to the government this weekend. Let’s keep it hip happening but let’s do it in lethal way. Talk to the WoC around you and if there aren’t any around you, change your scene. The buck never stops for panty drops.

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