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One of the first things we know about working in this capitalist economy is that the customer is always right. That means a person who sits behind a counter for their job has more than just sitting to do--when you come in and make casual conversation with your shop girl, it's their job to make you feel good SO YOU'LL BUY STUFF. They aren't making you feel good (IN MOST CASES) because they are attracted to you. So do yourself and all the shop girls out there a favor by getting this fucked up bull shit out of your head. Keep it business. Your business is buying things and the shop girl's business is her own. GOT IT?

Also, if you think it's hard being a man in America because you could be accused of anything at any moment, CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Did you do something you should be worried about? Then fucking worry--your uppance is coming. But, if you didn't stop throwing eggshells on the ground. Just be genuinely decent and stop expecting a high five for doing the fucking least. No one cares if you're a nice guy because everyone should be a fucking nice guy! If this isn't getting through to you then I'm not sorry. Take a long walk off a short pier. I absolutely do not care about your feelings on the subject.

Now, you might be saying, well I get all of this but what if I want to apologize or how do I take criticism in such FRAUGHT AF TIMES????? The answer is very simple. Shut up. Listen. Shut up extra. Listen extra. Don't defend and don't explain. Men do so much talking over us and about us and for us and I don't need to hear it from you.

This has been a basic rundown of common decency from your local, neighborhood shop girl.


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