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I cleaned my room for the first time in over a month yesterday and even though it was the fourth, all I wanted to do was lay around at home and appreciate the clean, emptiness of it. But, such is life. Instead I had to go to the shop from 11-3 and then out to a show for the holiday. This whole running a business thing isn't easy friends. I had a nightmare last night that my mother told me I was fat and that I'd never be in as good a shape as I should be. When I woke up, some mean lady had left us passive aggressive "negative feedback" on square that simply said, "Be honest please." Well honey, let me tell you something. Honesty is my aim and I can't be "honest" if you aren't telling me what you felt was dishonest.

She disabled feedback--probably because she's from the Midwest and doesn't want to "get into it." Anxiety dreams are a new part of my nocturnal landscape. I'm terrified of failing because we've just started. It was hard pulling this shop together. We worked relentlessly for over 2 months to clean, sort, and organize a bunch of vinyl, books, and myriad stuff. We moved boxes, furniture, and piles of trash. We priced a butt ton of stuff. I learned all the business software and registered with the government. It felt at times like I was just closing my eyes and making decisions, and at other times like I was so inundated with information, I had to reach whatever tree branch I could find in the swell.

But, I did it. We're here and we're open and so far people have been really generous and kind and excited. Still, I'm the type of person who can imagine clearly what something will be and then gets frustrated when I have to wait through the process. I understand that we don't have as much vinyl on the floor as Rick. I understand that ye olde vinyl heads aren't as thrilled with the shop as they'd hoped--but hey we're working on it and heck off. What I also know is that I'm really really excited to create a space for everyone! Not just ye olde vinyl heads. Major thanks to Hillary and Victoria, two people who came in yesterday and reminded me why I was sitting behind that doggone desk.

I'm living a dream I've had a long time. I'm curating; I'm creating; I'm bringing people joy. FOR THE LAST TIME PEOPLE ON THE PHONE...Irvington Vinyl & Books is NOT Irvington Vinyl and Bookmamas. Yes we still have books and records but if you come here expecting the same store run by the same people, you will be disappointed and there's nothing I can do for you beyond smile and welcome you inside. If you can take a moment to look around and tell me what you feel is missing, maybe I can fill the void for you. Who knows? Like I said, this place is for everyone--except passive aggressive midwestern moms with something to prove online. P.S. DON'T LEAVE YOUR VINYL IN YOUR CAR PLEASE. IT'S HOT AND IT WILL WARP.

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