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See parts 2&3 here!

The official playlist is up on Spotify. Eventually I'll get around to making this a YouTube playlist for those of you who don't use Spotify.

31. I Hope He Dies: River by the Belle Game

She said it wasn’t much of anything, anymore, being raped. At least you were young, she said. You can almost forget it.

32. She Didn't Ask: Boxer by Lovers

maybe she’d have told me I wasn’t a slut— what Trent’s mother insisted as she drove me home

33. Trent's Mom: This is What Makes Us Girls by Lana Del Rey

She said, You’re bad. You’re hard as nails; I can tell.

34. Nature vs. Nurture: Came Out of A Lady by Rubblebucket

A mother will out mother any other mother, walking through some dusk lit park, hand to chest, saying, “I’d never… if that were my child.”

35. Legacy: Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra

He put his hand on my knee under the table, is the only thing she’s ever told you but you can imagine

36. The Magic Trick: I Put A Spell On You by Nina Simone

Saw us in half to find a cave to crawl into, a hot, damp place where being born is the only thing to do.

37. First Do No Harm: No Looking by The Raincoats

Take time to hear the spaces between language, the furrows, flicks and frowns of faces. Bear down, across; grin and bear it; swallow over and over: your fears; feel around in the dark of others.

38. April 18th, 2014: Walls of Giza by Kera and the Lesbians

Being free is what, like knowing the meaning of your hands or being comfortable not knowing, or being in Chicago, Boston? What is it when I cross the street in front of cars with my teeth bared? I want to be free,

39. All the Girls We Used to Know: Our Own Pretty Ways by First Aid Kit

We’d been at it for a while, talking about how green I used to be— coming from a rural town, holding stall doors and my lips shut for vomiting girls because I didn’t have the word for bulimia.

40. Bad Girl Cigarette Mouth: Addicted by Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

She lies prone in grass having smoked herself blue twice over, inhaling through her nose like a pro. The cigarettes are 100s, long and thin as Pinocchio’s nose.

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