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So I'm beginning a playlist of songs correlating with each poem in my book. Mostly, it will be songs by lady identifying people or queerbos. 

Below are the first ten poems in the book plus the song I picked and a little italicized snippet of the poem.

Here's a link to the whole thing on Spotify. 

😂 plus a pic in this here turtleneck bc snow. 

1. One Act- Pop Star by Rebel Kind

We put on sentences like shades and sun

dresses. We stack ourselves

with the nearest mother-fucker

searching for the small drummer:

the percussion of dying

with a little patience.

2. Dear, "Nice Indiana Girls"- Magazine by Caroline Smith

maybe you’ve been taking it

up the ass this whole time,

telling God it’s not his hole

to worry about, fudging

the rules but not enough

to be afraid of consequence

3. Bitter Puppies- Be Your Bro by Those Darlins

She said: if you don’t sleep with them,

that’s what they’re like.

They mope and whine, but

they still follow you around

like you’re going to give them a rub down.

4. Unstrung- Some are Lakes by Land of Talk

this was the half life

of teenage desire, the point in which

I didn’t go down but let boys

finger me, but never sex, not sex

or blowjobs because they

are for Jesus, the pure

body of Christ flexing

in white taffeta

before a fountain of wine.

5. Witch Hunt: The Database- Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

To begin exploring the nearly 4,000 records of accused witches and documentation of witchcraft belief, select any of the options listed below.

6. First Date- Age 20- Leader of the Pack by The Shangri-Las

(Again through lashes low.)

I’m so very sorry

to bother you but

I also have weak ankles and

I’ll need you

to carry me lots of places.

7. Let Me Tell You How I Got These Scars- People Don't Get What They Deserve by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

With each squishing step, I am:

sparkly with want, with what

is to be, with what is soaked

in the toxic brine of the White River,

pulling trash from my teeth.

8. Pants on Fire- In the Morning I'll Be Better by Tennis

Senior Year of College climbed

herself through windows and schlepped

across dewy front yards between

the hours of 4:30 and 7 in the morning.

9. The Green Girl Goes Out- Apply by Glasser

all out, in sequins, an entirely

sequined dress no matter

it’s against the rules

of the handbook. 

10. Sex! Sex! Sex!- Wanna Be On Your Mind by Valerie June

Sex is everywhere. Even waiting

for the bus. Even finally walking home,

the sunrise: brightly colored panties

slapping the face of the sky,

an unmistakable flush,

clouds like cigarette smoke.

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