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So, many of you have probably noticed that I am moving to Indianapolis. This is for several reasons, the most personal being: my relationship did not work out. It sucks. It's been hard to talk about. Of course, we're trying to be kind to each other and help each other process this change. But, my life has come to a crushing stand still. I'm living with my father in Elkhart and trying to pick the pieces up and make something new.

However, let me just say that applying to jobs is very hard. I am literally applying to anything with benefits that I even remotely seem qualified for. What I really want though is to be working with children or the elderly in a teaching capacity or working for a book store/NFP/agency doing writing, booking, clerical work, etc. One day, I'll go back to academia but the future there seems grim considering our president. My skill set is broad but unfocused. I'm a renaissance man to put it plainly. I've done so many different things to make money and I'm passable in several fields but exceptionally skilled in very few. This is making getting a job very hard. Entry level positions still require experience these days.

Not to mention, the great apartment hunt. Finding cool digs close to things like bars and coffee shops is a priority but having two pets makes this pricier than I would like. Granted, I can afford it for now but I do need that job I mentioned earlier. GAH.

Many of you, my friends, coworkers, and colleagues, have been through this or something like it. I've watched you struggle and then succeed and I don't know how you kept trying. It's discouraging to have all this education and a kagillion dollars in student loan debt that I won't be able to pay off until I get ten years experience folding boxes in order to get that entry level job folding boxes. Anyone with advice, common sense (sometimes I forget the basics as my BFF Heather can tell you), or leads on jobs/apartments feel free to email me, comment, dm me, ETC.


This has been a day in the life.

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