July 8, 2019


Almost two years ago, I burst into work, flushed with that fever feeling of LUV. I was exuberant. I was dancing a little. I was annoying my co-worker so he took a video of me professing my LUV for the person I was currently seeing. Then he said, Elysia I'm going to sho...

September 20, 2018


Today, I'm exhausted. I only had two alcohols last night (not a lot for me) but the pours were heavy--can we talk about how bartenders think they're doing you a favor with a heavy pour but dude. I didn't come here to get wasted, I came to catch a buzz, relax, and flirt...

February 12, 2018


So I'm aching. I did something horrible to my shoulder playing pool or doing stupid back-bends or having sex idk. And I was about to go to bed feeling a little guilty because I promoted my "funny" blog today but I've only been writing about seasonal depression lately--...

September 6, 2017


I've awoken twice now under a wave of nostalgia. Yesterday was the first day I felt fall's sweet spider legs brushing my cheek and to top that off, I hung out on the fountain with some old Muncie friends and then saw Sleeping Bag play (one of my faves from Muncie days...

September 1, 2017


This retrograde has me coming face to face with my insecurities a hecking lot, and right now I should be sleeping because so much prep for the show tomorrow. Instead, I'm going to free write my thoughts about feeling insecure. Maybe then I'll sleep. There are some ants...

May 8, 2017


It’s a thing and a dangerous thing at that. Of course, you don’t have to be a girl to have Girl Brain, so let me break it down further. Basically, when you first start seeing someone and you have the chemistry and everything feels exciting and then your brain starts fr...

April 25, 2017


Right now I'm at work, having blasted through most of what I was supposed to accomplish today, I'm here: feeling guilty for not writing but feeling ready finally to lay down what the hell has happened the last three weeks. The last time I wrote was also a new moon. Hea...

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Vulgar, bike riding, record slinging, book reading poet with a passion for pool and the Midwest. 

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