July 8, 2019


Almost two years ago, I burst into work, flushed with that fever feeling of LUV. I was exuberant. I was dancing a little. I was annoying my co-worker so he took a video of me professing my LUV for the person I was currently seeing. Then he said, Elysia I'm going to sho...

November 27, 2017


I have this chronic problem. I blame it on my obsession with intuition--for those of you who haven't really seen this, I'm pretty convinced I'm a bit psychic. Yes, I joke about it but those jokes are really just a way for me to pad the situation for any observing parti...

October 12, 2017


I want you to think on the phrase: "hardening your heart." I'm not sure if it's christian rhetoric--for some reason, I think it is? But, it's been on my mind for few days. I know I haven't written to you in a while but I haven't been feeling that ache in my rib cage to...

September 21, 2017


I am a control freak. Here's a fun fact, every time I drive in the car with anyone, I secretly brake from the passenger seat. I mean, I pantomime braking because I hate the way you do it and I wish I was doing it instead. It doesn't matter who you are. If you've driven...

September 11, 2017


This LIFE?!?!?!? 

Join me on the struggle bus, dear readers, things are about to get bumpy! 

It's Monday and I've got things to do and people to see and my oh my, I need my brain in its socket. Yet here I am swooning with girl brain. I thought I could slog through it wit...

September 6, 2017


I've awoken twice now under a wave of nostalgia. Yesterday was the first day I felt fall's sweet spider legs brushing my cheek and to top that off, I hung out on the fountain with some old Muncie friends and then saw Sleeping Bag play (one of my faves from Muncie days...

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Vulgar, bike riding, record slinging, book reading poet with a passion for pool and the Midwest. 

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