January 14, 2020


I'm so tired y'all. I'm so so so so so tired. But, life rolls forward and all these big and small schemes I've put into motion are starting to manifest. It's both thrilling and more terrifying. Lately I feel like this content has been so "whoa look I'm changing" "whoa...

September 20, 2018


Today, I'm exhausted. I only had two alcohols last night (not a lot for me) but the pours were heavy--can we talk about how bartenders think they're doing you a favor with a heavy pour but dude. I didn't come here to get wasted, I came to catch a buzz, relax, and flirt...

July 26, 2018


Entropy. It's both physical and emotional--the concept that the energy in our universe is always moving towards disorder, pulling apart from itself. If nothing has ever ended for you, get off this blog. But chances are, if you're reading this, or are simply alive, you'...

May 21, 2018


I've been listening to Girlpool's song Chinatown a lot recently because it was really plucking an emotional string for me and I didn't realize until this morning what the relevance was. While flying down the Pleasant Run bike path I heard the lyric you see listed as th...

May 7, 2018


Today is the last day of this trip. I'm currently in Boston because I was asked to perform at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. While I've had a marvelous time and the reading went spectacularly, I'm  butting right up against this shard of glass and I need to talk abo...

January 10, 2018


To start: many thanks to the folks who read this and encourage me. I wouldn't be hammering away at these keys if Molly Jane didn't send me a text this morning to say she was looking forward to the next post because I've been so insular lately. Insular is my new favorit...

January 1, 2018


Those of you who spend a lot of time with me have no doubt noticed something in the last month or so. I've been more withdrawn, tired, and cranky. There was a brief spell in early December when I tried to do my same old same old, find a person to fuck and feel better r...

November 27, 2017


I have this chronic problem. I blame it on my obsession with intuition--for those of you who haven't really seen this, I'm pretty convinced I'm a bit psychic. Yes, I joke about it but those jokes are really just a way for me to pad the situation for any observing parti...

October 12, 2017


I want you to think on the phrase: "hardening your heart." I'm not sure if it's christian rhetoric--for some reason, I think it is? But, it's been on my mind for few days. I know I haven't written to you in a while but I haven't been feeling that ache in my rib cage to...

September 21, 2017


I am a control freak. Here's a fun fact, every time I drive in the car with anyone, I secretly brake from the passenger seat. I mean, I pantomime braking because I hate the way you do it and I wish I was doing it instead. It doesn't matter who you are. If you've driven...

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Vulgar, bike riding, record slinging, book reading poet with a passion for pool and the Midwest. 

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